Success for Lival in an internationally renowned design competition

Lival’s Bingo has been recognised with a Special Mention for outstanding design quality in the lighting category of the 2019 German Design Awards.

The competition is one of the most renowned design competitions worldwide and is highly esteemed also outside of the industry. “Outdoing competitors of this high calibre proves that Bingo is truly one of the best luminaires in the world. We have our talented and uncompromising design team to thank for this achievement”, says Stig Lival-Lindström, the CEO of Lival.

At Lival we are extremely happy for Bingo’s success. For over 70 years we have been inventing and manufacturing high-quality lighting solutions, always relying on our strong heritage in Finnish design. We utilize cutting-edge technology in our products and besides design, the we aim for sustainability and durability in all our luminaires. All Lival products are made in Finland.

The award-winning Bingo is an advanced LED luminaire which, thanks to it’s light structure, requires less raw materials to manufacture. The highly energy-efficient luminaire has a lifetime of up to 55 000 hours. “Bingo is a versatile product that is well-suited for illuminating both shop windows as well as different retail environments. The main idea behind Bingo was to make it easy to highlight details and create pleasant atmospheres”, Lival-Lindström concludes.