Our partners

Together with our ever growing global dealer network we can ensure your lighting needs are met quickly and efficiently.  |  Page is under construction, more information to follow.

Lichtbasis GmbH, Germany
http://www.lichtbasis.com | info@lichtbasis.de
Zeta Lumen General Trading LLC, UAE
http://www.zeta.ae | sales@zeta.ae
CTS Lighting Expert, Russia
http://www.cts-light.com | info@cts-light.com
Molto Luce GmbH, Austria
https://www.moltoluce.com | office@moltoluce.com
Cardi AB, Sweden
http://www.cardi.se | info@cardi.se
On The Spot, Norway / Denmark
http://onthespot.net | mail@onthespot.net
Light 4U, The Netherlands
https://light4u.io | info@light4u.io
Metalmek Lighting BV, The Netherlands
https://www.metalmek.nl | info@metalmek.nl
Metalmek Illuminazione S.r.l., Italy
http://www.metalmek.info | info@metalmek.it
Maybe Style, Czech Republic
https://www.maybestyle.eu | info@maybestyle.eu
High Lights, Colombia & Latin America
https://highlights.com.co | ventasbogota@highlights.com.co
Lumisphere, Morocco
| lumisphere@lumisphere.org
MTS International, Slovenia
https://www.mtsi.si | info@mtsi.si
Britelux Lighting, Ireland
https://www.britelux.ie | info@britelux.ie

DIAL – Lival cooperation