Lighting the way for over 70 years

Lival has been a pioneer in lighting solutions for over 70 years. Today Lival is a predominant world supplier of retail lighting solutions through constant development and usage of the latest technological advancements. In collaboration with our 100% owned subsidiary Nordic Aluminium, Lival is able to meet all of our customers’ lighting needs.

Supreme combination

Lival and Nordic Aluminium have worked together since 1962, when the story of Nordic Aluminium began under Nokia. Lighting tracks were manufactured under Nokia’s brand up until 1996, when Nordic Aluminium got its current name. Lival has been a majority owner of Nordic Aluminium since the early 2000’s and collaboration of the two companies has matured to become a perfect combination in the professional lighting field. Together we are strong!

Lival Brand - Shaping The Future of Light

By combining Lival's current competences and expertise - there are no limits of what can be achieved. By controlling the supply of a versatile lighting track system and an extensive range of LED luminaries, Lival is able to provide it's customers a comprehensive portfolio of professional lighting solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Basic principles in shaping Lival brand globally

- Energy efficiency and ecological issues                                                                                     - Universal quality and technological standards                                                                    - Sustainable price strategy & globally saleable innovations                                          - Predominant, but also predicted technologies                                                               - Global competitivness and aligned investments

Unique Lival Ecosystem

We provide our customers a completely unique ecosystem consisting of projectors, downlights and linear fixtures that work seamlessly with Nordic Aluminium Global tracks and track adaptors. Our position as a globally leading manufacturer comes from a strong expertise in designing and manufacturing complete lighting systems.

High-end luminaires affordably

We provide our customers cutting-edge technology by utilizing the newest innovations in the lighting field, including high quality optics, newest LED modules and energy efficient drivers. Using the latest technology such as Citizen COB enables our company to use less raw material in smaller form factors and offer an excellent balance between cost and performance.

Made in Finland

Lival takes great pride in inventing, designing and manufacturing the products in Finland. Our highly automated, state of the art factories can match customer demand at all times. Having our production lines in Finland enables quick deliveries and unparalleled quality control.