New Dingo LED projector: A harmony of design and evolution

At Lival we are all about innovative engineering, sustainability and design. The new Dingo LED projector is our way of setting the standard.


Groundbreaking LED projector from Finland

The latest addition to Lival’s product family is the groundbreaking LED projector Dingo. This innovative new product consist of Lival’s ultraslim GA-016 adapter driver and an elegantly designed lamp housing. Dingo can also easily be converted to DALI or to wireless Bluetooth LE.

Overall, the product is a harmonic combination of Finnish design and sustainable lighting technology. As such, the Dingo LED projector has already proven to be among the best projectors on the market. Like all Lival products, Dingo is made in Finland to ensure unparalleled quality control.

Advanced technology

Dingo LED projector is one of the most advanced luminaires of this decade. Its use of the GA-016 driver provides an effective solution to cooling challenges. Despite small form factors, the luminaire can be driven at higher power.

To meet Lival’s sustainability goals, Dingo was designed to require less raw materials for its production and with special attention given to energy efficiency. Dingo is equipped with the latest COB technology and MacAdam 2-step binning.

Advanced technology also enables Dingo to foster CCT tolerance and produce light of the best quality in all situations.

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