LED guide – Perfect light for every application

Lighting plays a massive role in the general atmosphere of any space. This is particularly crucial in malls, where stores need to stand out from their competition. Creating good quality light exactly where it is needed is the main focus when designing retail lighting.

The change from fluorescent and metal halide lamps to LED’s has opened new possibilities and freedom for creating lighting scenarios, but has also introduced new challenges with an overabundance of LED choices. We at Lival want to make this easy for you by making sure every luminaire is suitable for a retail environment.

Lival offers a range of Citizen LED COB’s (Chip On Board), from CRI 80+ to CRI 90+ versions and from 2700K to 5000K colour temperatures. For best possible true colour rendering and making specific lighting targets stand out we offer special VIVID COB’s, and for markets and cafeterias we have our special Meat and Bakery COB’s. The whole range ensures that your whole store will always be shown in the best possible light.

Quality without compromises

Quality of light is meaningless if that performance is only temporary. Our COB’s are rated MacAdams SDCM 2, meaning that within the same COB type there are no colour deviations visible to the bare eye and the light colour remains unchanged through the whole luminaire lifetime.

CRI (Colour Rendering Index) determines how colours are rendered: Low CRI means that everything will look washed out, whereas high CRI shows the true colours of what is being illuminated. In our range we offer both CRI 80+ versions for excellent performance and extremely high lumen/watt ratio, as well as CRI 90+ versions for excellent colour rendering and good efficiency. The CRI 90+ COB’s are available also as B.BBL (Below Black Body Locus) versions, which ensure that white truly looks as clean and sharp as possible.

Citizen VIVID series has been created for best possible colour saturation and perfectly rendered white. Oversaturating specific items is a brilliant way to make displays look more alive. Citizen Brilliant Vivid makes sure that every colour really pops out by enhancing colours through the whole visible range. VIVID series is a perfect choice for highlighting specific products in stores or window displays and attracting the best kind of attention.

CRI 80+, 90+, B.BBL, VIVID, Meat and Bakery are available for all Lival COB luminaires.