GA Slim Adapter – Rethinking track luminaires

GA Slim Adapter family introduces a new clean and subtle design by integrating the LED driver inside the track adapter.

Original Global Track adapter

High quality GA Slim track adapter offers a whole new generation of track adapters by integrating the LED driver inside the adapter. All GA Slim products have been designed in collaboration with Nordic Aluminium and are compatible with all professional 3-phase tracks.

Ultra slim design

Lival’s revolutionary track integration allows a slimmer profile than ever before. Adapter height is only 14mm and includes a LED driver, removing the need for a bulky installation box and allowing a much smaller size factor. Result is a range of architectural, subtle design luminaires. Slim design spans the whole adapter family: GA-016, 017, 2020 and GAC-616.

Reliability and control

Integration of the LED driver enables a smaller size and better temperature control. Having the driver inside the luminaire housing makes luminaire cooling challenging, and by using a GA Slim adapter with an integrated driver this is countered effectively. Luminaires can be driven at an exceptionally high power despite the small form factor, e.g. GA-016 allows for 850mA drivers. In addition the GAC-616 offers DALI control in the same slim adapter. All our LED drivers are flicker-free.

Made in Finland

We take great pride in inventing, designing and manufacturing our products in Finland. Our highly automated production lines and having the whole process under our strict control allows for unparalleled quality at a cost-efficient price point.