Stadium Kannelmäki, Helsinki

Sports store Stadium utilizes the excellent light from our GA-016 Aspect.

Stadium’s focus is on premium brands and illuminating the products in the best way possible was the key point, requiring both excellent colour rendering and light adjustability.

Premium brands in premium light

Stadium sports supply store in Kauppakeskus Kaari, Helsinki was opened April 13th. Stadium specializes in high quality products from premium brands and presenting their products in the best way possible is essential. Various product colours, textures and frequently changing placements around the shop present a variety of challenges in terms of lighting.

Stadium has their own shop visualists, who are tasked with finding solutions to meet the brand requirements. To provide high-quality, easily adjustable and comfortable light for the whole shop, Lival Aspect track spotlights was chosen to fill the task.

Efficient, low-glare lighting

Aspect series uses a deep reflector to provide low-glare light and a defined beam excellent for accent lighting. Various optics options also allows general lighting provided with the same luminaire appearance. Aspect is manufactured with a stylish aluminium die-cast body, designed to keep the luminaire cooled for increased lifetime and comfort.

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