Skilux projects: Ecco & Aarikka

Skilux is a Lival partner focusing on retail lighting in Finland. Their project portfolio spans a variety of retail applications, among which are Ecco Store City Center in Helsinki and Aarikka in Tampere.

Ecco Store, City-Center Helsinki

Ecco is a Danish footwear brand that has over 3000 stores worldwide. Ecco Store City-Center, located in Helsinki city centre and renovated on 2017, modernized their lighting by updating the old metal halide luminaires to state of the art Lival Glider Trend fixtures. Both the store and window display were fitted with Lival luminaires, keeping focus on products and general colour palette of the store. By the customer’s request the shape and height of the space was highlighted with clever light arrangement.

Aarikka, Ratina Tampere

Aarikka, a Finnish design shop, specializes in handmade Scandinavian design products with focus on quality. Our partner Skilux Oy designed, supplied and coordinated the installation of Nordic Aluminium tracks and Lival GA-016 Cafeteria luminaires to ensure best possible lighting for a high-end design store.

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