Citizen HC COB

Newest addition to Lival COB range, Citizen High Current series, is designed for maximum lumen output and efficacy. Citizen HC COB introduces a new architecture with better cooling and tolerance for a higher current, resulting in a better luminous output and longer lifetime.

Unparalleled performance

Advances in Citizen LED technology is a remarkable milestone in Lival luminaire production. The new performance-focused High Current platform delivers even higher efficacy (up to 20% more lumen/watt compared to current Gen 6), superior reliability and better lumen output per luminaire.

HC COB allows for considerable investment and lifetime savings. With the new architecture LEDs can be run at a lower power and temperature to reach the same lumen output, resulting in an extended lifetime and major savings in manufacturing and energy costs. The cost to value ratio in new HC COB products is higher than ever before.

First class quality control

All Lival luminaires are built following strict quality standards. Both Citizen COBs and Lival luminaires are 100% tested and never leave production without a burn-in test to eliminate production errors. All Lival electronics have successfully passed a multi-stage quality audit, including:
- General Quality system and certificates
- Audited design process
- Lifetime calculations, prediction and testing
- Production process and production testing
- Component selection: ensuring quality of manufacturer components

Citizen HC COB is available for every Lival COB luminaire model. Products are available for orders on August 2018.