5 new high-quality luminaires from Lival

Responding to market needs is important to Lival, which is why we are constantly developing new versatile lighting solutions.

Universal quality is durable and sustainable

Customers today are paying more and more attention to the durability and sustainability of products. Besides these important factors, at Lival we also have to take into consideration the different needs of retail, fashion and food industries in order to produce lighting solutions of universal quality.

To keep our product catalogue up to date with the ever-changing requirements of our customers, we are constantly developing new versatile luminaires. By utilizing the newest innovations in the lighting field we can provide our customers with products that employ cutting-edge technology.

Lighting for various environments and installations

In late 2018 and early 2019 Lival proudly introduces 5 new high-quality luminaires, designed for different purposes in different surroundings. The products are quick and simple to install and compatible with our Lival ecosystems of tracks and track adaptors.

Besides high quality, these new products offer an excellent price–performance ratio.

Standard Fix DL

Samples available in December 2018, 100 mm cutout

Casa Fixed DL

Available in January 2019, 90 mm cutout

Standard Revolve DL

Available in December 2018, Rotable with fixed tilt angle

Tilt DL

Available in December 2018, Tiltable and rotable


December 2018, extractable, Tiltable and rotable

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